Why Choose Virtual Course Moderators 

VCM is a network of highly skilled virtual moderators serving clients across the globe. We specialize in supporting businesses, solo entrepreneurs, and online teachers with their video conferencing needs. It is our mission to relieve the headaches of the virtual world, leaving you some peace of mind and the ability to now focus on creating a better experience for your clients. Contact us today to see how our services can benefit your unique needs. Below you can find out why to choose Virtual Course Moderators today.


We are an I.T depart for the ones without I.T departments. We'll handle the tech so you can focus on delivering a fantastic course. If you've ever taken a course or workshop with a large corporation you know that they have a dedicated I.T department to help run their online courses.


We help you deliver a seamless online experience for your participants. This allows the presenter to focus on the course and not be tied up with the many technical issues that can and often will arise. 


A moderator will allow you to handle more participants in your sessions and continue to provide an interactive experience to increase course revenue. We found that in many course types, presenters find they reach a limit to where the course can no longer be interactive. This puts a cap on the number of participants you can teach and in turn limited your revenue.


Every new customer can try out our services free of charge for the first hour, why not give it a try! Additionally, we offer a satisfaction guarantee so if you aren't happy will be sure to fix it.